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Contact and Alternative Formats of This Accessibility Plan
Executive Summary
Feedback Process
Pillars and Actions
Built Environment
The design and delivery of programs and services
Information and communication technologies (ICT)
Communication, other than ICT
Procurement of Goods, Services, and Facilities
Monitoring Progress

1 Background

eSeeLYNX Communication Ltd., an Internet Service Provider and Marketing company, is located in Richmond, B.C. We are dedicated to delivering the best, reliable and easy to use services to local customers.

At eSeeLYNX Communication Ltd (collectively referred as “eSeeLYNX”), we are committed to creating a barrier-free organization for persons with disabilities, ensuring that individuals have an equitable access to our services and facilities as well as reflecting disability in our program content to promote an accessible and inclusive environment. We believe that accessibility benefits not only people with disabilities but also the wider community. We strive to build a welcoming workplace where all employees can thrive and contribute regardless of their abilities.

1.1 Contact and Alternative Formats of This Accessibility Plan

You can send your feedback regarding accessibility issues, or request alternative formats of this Accessibility Plan and a description of our Feedback Process, by contacting:

Accessibility Support Officer
Telephone: 604-638-1818 extension 1102
Mail: eSeeLYNX Communication Ltd.
Unit 2190-4151 Hazelbridge Way
Richmond, B.C, V6X 4J7

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eSeeLYNX Communication Ltd is committed to provide this Accessibility Plan and description of the Feedback Process in the following alternative formats:

1.2 Executive Summary

The Accessibility Canada Act (ACA) came into effect in July 2019. The objective of ACA is “Nothing without us” and it recognizes that persons with disabilities are equal participants in all areas of life. The resulting Accessible Canada Act is a landmark federal legislation that aims to realize a barrier-free Canada by 2040. In order to achieve this goal, each federally regulated entity, including eSeeLYNX, is required to prepare and publish an accessibility plan (hereinafter referred to as “the eSeeLYNX Accessibility Plan”) by June 1, 2024.

eSeeLYNX Accessibility Plan reflects our objectives and obligations as both a federally regulated company and a telecommunication provider. As such, we are subject to two regulations: the ACA and Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) Accessibility Reporting Regulations.

In line with our commitment to accessibility and inclusion, this 3-year Accessibility Plan outlines how we identify, prevent, and remove barriers in the areas described in Section 5 of the ACA for persons with disabilities.

2. Feedback Process

Feedback process is a key contributor to help us identify, remove, and prevent barriers to accessibility. The process refines and improves on how we consult persons with disabilities in preparing our plans and progress reports. It also ensures that the planning and reporting documents we publish are accessible, informative and written in language that is simple, clear and concise.

eSeeLYNX is committed to creating an open and transparent feedback process for not only employees, but also our customers. Any individual can use any of the means listed below to contact eSeeLYNX to provide feedback on accessibility. Individuals can provide feedback anonymously. Anonymous feedback can allow certain contributors to provide feedback without fear of possible repercussions for doing so, such as employees, including those with disabilities, who have concerns about privacy or individuals belonging to equity-seeking groups who are more likely to experience certain kinds of barriers.

Upon the receipt of feedback, Accessibility Support Officer will acknowledge the receipt of all non-anonymous feedback by the same means in which we receive it within 7 working days. We will contact and follow up with the feedback provider.

eSeeLYNX will ensure all feedback is organized, analyzed, shared with the relevant teams in the organization for their consideration, preserved and used to prevent and remove barriers in a timely manner. eSeeLYNX keeps electronic or print copies of all feedback for at least 7 years from the day on which we receive it.

These communication channels can also be used to request for a copy of our Accessibility Plan or Feedback Process in alternate formats. Within 15 days of a request, a print, large print and electronic format that is compatible with adaptive technology will be provided. Braille and audio format will be submitted within 45 days of a request.

The development and implementation of the Accessibility Plan for 2024–2027 falls on each and every employee at eSeeLYNX. Our Accessibility Plan representative will take responsibilities and expectations over the course of the next three years.

3. Consultations

The experiences of people with disabilities propelled and guided the development of this plan from the beginning. We are committed to consulting people with disabilities internally and externally.

Accessibility Plan Committee: Established in 2024, the Administration Support Officer has assumed the role of Accessibility Ambassador, focusing on various accessibility issues within the company. Individual consultations are provided upon request, with appropriate accommodations.

Client from Richmond Centre of Disability (RCD): An accessibility audit was performed by a wheelchair user with limited dexterity from RCD in early 2024, at our office. The objective was to evaluate and assess the built environment for accessibility.

4. Pillars and Actions

Outlined below are the barriers identified in each pillar through these consultations, as well as concrete actions that will be taken to remove and/or prevent the barriers. eSeeLYNX will ensure that these actionable items are implemented over the course of the next three years (2024– 2027).

4.1 Employment

“Employment” refers to the recruitment, retention, and career advancement of individuals at eSeeLYNX. It also includes supporting individuals who request workplace accommodations.

Identified Barriers

Action Plan

4.2 Built Environment

eSeeLYNX is dedicated to ensuring an accessible built environment for all employees and visitors. We understand the importance of creating a fully accessible environment and continue to prioritize accessibility in all facets of our operations.

Following an audit by a client from RCD, we identified barriers in our physical spaces and are actively working to address and prevent these obstacles. Our efforts focus on making our workplace accessible for visitors and guests who come for inquiries, meetings, and interviews. Key areas of concern include entrances, wayfinding, and amenity spaces such as office equipment areas and meeting rooms, where accessibility barriers are most commonly found.

We invited a client with a disability from RCD to audit our office. Based on their feedback, here are some areas where we can further improve our workplace accessibility:

Identified Barriers

Action Plan

4.3 Transportation

eSeeLYNX is located in a shopping mall where handicapped parking is ample. In addition, various options of public transportation including Canada Line and buses to access to the shopping mall are available.

Identified Barriers

Action Plan

4.4 The design and delivery of programs and services

"The design and delivery of programs and services" refers to our internet services offered to employees and customers including the design of services, such as customer service and technical support.

Identified Barriers

Action Plan

4.5 Information and communication technologies (ICT)

"Information and Communication Technologies" (ICT) refers to technology tools used to office or share information.

Identified Barriers

Action Plan

4.6 Communication, other than ICT

This section refers to non-digital communication, this is includes internal and external communication.

Identified Barriers

Action Plan

Internal Communication

External Communication

4.7 Procurement of Goods, Services, and Facilities

“Procurement” is the process of buying goods and services, and leasing facilities from suppliers.

Identified Barriers

Action Plan

5. Monitoring Progress

eSeeLYNX's Accessibility Plan represents our ongoing commitment in collaboration with people with disabilities to creating an accessible environment and culture, for all employees, visitors, and viewers in the long term.

We welcome feedback from our employees, viewers, and the public throughout the initial and monitoring process. We will continue to work with internal and external stakeholders to ensure that we are equipped with the right knowledge to implement the vision and realize our mission statement, eliminate barriers, and put the proposed actions into place.

Administration Managers will report on progress made on the Accessibility Plan to the management and Accessibility Plan Committee on a quarterly basis. eSeeLYNX will submit the following reports to the Accessibility Canada Act (ACA) Commission and Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) :

Moving forward, we will continue to prioritize accessibility and inclusivity in all aspects of our operations, striving to remove any remaining barriers that prevent individuals with disabilities from fully participating in our services and facilities.